I am a mother to four wonderful children.  I have two sons (technically step-sons), one daughter (adopted) and one daughter (biological).  I spell it out for people because some insist on the titles when it comes to children.

My oldest son is a wonderful and sweet young man.  He is outgoing and kind.  He lives locally and should really visit me more often but works six days a week and still has a social life.  Not sure how he manages it, but then again, he’s young and I’m not.

My second oldest son currently lives with his biological mother in another state.  He is a great young man and his interests vary.  He has always been more introverted but if you get him talking about a topic he is passionate about, you’ll never get him to be quiet!  He’s smart and has a good heart no matter how hard he tries to hide it.  I miss him a lot but thanks to social media, I am able to communicate with him often.

My oldest daughter is shy, intelligent, and compassionate.  She’s stoic and has lived through a lot in her life already.  She is hardworking and has dreams of greatness that she is working towards.

My youngest daughter is outgoing, passionate and caring.  She is your typical teenage butterfly except she’s not typical.  She lives her life knowing that she has been close to death on many occasions.  She is chronically ill and suffers from a magnitude of ailments.  She doesn’t let that get her down and she doesn’t allow her disabilities to stop her from moving on to her dreams.


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